How to Contact Me

Let's keep in contact.


LSHTM students and potential students

Find my school profile here. Email me directly if you have any questions.

Journalists and Media

Please email me. For information about other New Voices Fellows mentioned in my blog and news posts please contact Andrew Quinn  or Rachel Strecher of the Aspen Institute.

Work with me and the Global Bridge Group LLC

Do you have a public health or development project that needs to get off the ground?  Or are you an aspiring research entrepreneur? Let's talk. Please email us for more information. 

Blog readers

Please comment on the blog posts, I want to hear your thoughts and ideas!  I welcome questions, papers, articles and links that you have seen or written and that you think might interest readers of the blog. New research and information on current fieldwork is especially appreciated. I am also interested in field reports (evaluations of health systems, supervision assessments, etc), obscure TED talks and cool podcasts recommendations.  We all get busy but please know that I am grateful for your contribution and I will respond as soon as possible.